Too Grim for Fairy Tales

When Lara James finds her neighbor stiff and dead in her Gran’s freezer—nestled between the deer meat and Otter pops—she knows she’s on thin ice. Everyone in Packsaddle, Texas, eventually ended up on the wrong side of Beni. But Lara’s public confrontation with Beni made her the cute new Sheriff’s number one suspect. With the help of her church nursery colleagues, Lara embarks on an investigation of her own to clear her name before she faces a grim ending herself.

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Meet The Author


Ramona Siddoway/Monica Rivers

Welcome! I write nonfiction (as Ramona) and cozy mysteries (as Monica). I'm a native Idahoan but a Texan at heart. I love to binge-watch mysteries, eat tacos, and learn everything I can about homesteading.

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