Introducing my podcast: Exploring the Divine Feminine

I never intended to do a podcast. I prefer writing as it affords me more opportunities to edit my gaffs! But in a day and age of “making it real” I’ve embarked on this journey as a companion to my newly released book, “We are Adam: the Partnership of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and What it means for you.” It’s been an incredible journey just with researching and writing the book, following the spirit, and having it guide me to specific research, as well as giving me wisdom on what to keep and what to discard in regards to contents of the book. It’s been a labor of love and feeling the spirit in a sacred and treasured way.

I welcome you to subscribe to the podcast, available on most Podcast apps.

I’ve also been told I need to offer some goodie to encourage people to subscribe to my website. I am working on a free workbook, designed to assist women –and men if they so choose–in finding their divine potential and mission in life. Not an easy project, but well worthwhile.

If there is a topic you would like me to address in my podcast, please contact me via this website. I discuss the Mother in Heaven, what the Patriarchal Order REALLY is in terms of modern revelation, and the divine potential of women. So far I am expanding on the topics in the book, but will not limit it to just that. I am planning on talking about my new research as I delve into what has been found about the Mother in Heaven, both scripturally and archeologically. (That’s not the smoothest of words to say!)

Buckle up! We are going for quite a ride . . .

PS Yes, I mix up the two titles quite often: Feminine Divine and Divine Feminine. At this point it is all moot. I’m delving into both . . . .

RB Siddoway

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