Lovin’ my Luffa

I love my garden.

Have I mentioned that before?

Every year I either try something new or, much to my chagrin, have to learn new ways of keeping my darlings alive. (I am grateful I can learn, and have the flexibility to do so.)

When I was ordering from the garden catalogue for my spring garden I saw seeds for Luffa gourd plants. Luffas! You’ve seen them in the stores. They look like this:

I’m hearing a collective “Ohhhhh! I thought those came from the ocean!” Yeah . . . so did I! They start out looking like regular gourds/squash:

They look like long cucumbers.

They can be eaten like any other squash. But leave them until late fall, let them dry, peel the skin from the loofah and voila! Here is a quick YouTube video on the process.

Life. Is. Good.

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